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What is Tagging


Tagging is a way to assign words to a document, website, blog, or wiki so that each may be easily findable via search engines etc. Tagging does not use formal subject headings (like Library of Congress or Sears), but rather allows the user to use words that they find the most useful 


For the purposes of this class we will be using Del.icio.us, which is a website where you can store and manage your bookmarks and favorites so that you can access them from any computer. Normally bookmarks and favorite are stored on the hard drive of the computer you happen to be working on.  If you use a different machine, in the past you would not have access to your bookmarks.   


Del.icio.us also allows for social bookmarking, that is, any number of people can contribute to a Del.icio.us page.


In addition, Del.icio.us can be used as a search tool, because others have already found websites on a particular topic and included it on their Del.icio.us page. Because del.icio.us pages are searchable it is a great way to find websites on a particular topic that someone else has found useful. 


If you attended the Flickr workshop, you may know that tags can be assigned to your photos there also. 


Let's take a look:


Here are some Del.icio.us pages


Regional Read Del.icio.us page



Beverly's Personal Del.icio.us page



A random site by nwheat



NYPLPA Performing Arts




How-To Step by Step


In the workshop watch Beverly, Diane or Nancy create a Del.icio.us page



Information about del.icio.us

Learn More 


More about tags in del.icio.us

What are tags?


View this powerpoint movie on Del.icio.us (warning-this is a little blurry)

Del.icio.us tutorial


Create your own Del.icio.us site


Click on this worksheet for setting up your own del.icio.us account.

Delicious worksheet.doc 



Good Principles and Practices



Use a good number of tags to accurately describe the website.


If an idea has more than one word, link the two words together with a dot or a dash or just smash them together.  For example: civil.war  civil-war or civil war. Also include each word singly.  Also use variant spellings such as "watercolor" "watercolour".


If you have a number of del.icio.us accounts log in at the beginning of the session to the one you are most likely to use.

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