Webbie2 at OCPL Staff Day: Everyone Serves Youth 3/20/2008



  1. How do youth use social networking?
  2. How can libraries help?
  3. How can libraries use social networking?

Actions to explore possibilities:

  1. Try out social networking, play!
  2. Educate with policies and programs.
  3. Incorporate into delivering services.
Youth of today and tomorrow are born digital, the rest of us can be savvy immigrants if we learn the language and culture.
  • Born print -  books, broadcast radio and TV, and movies; delivered by institutions with the production infrastructure.
  • Born digital - media rich: music, pictures, movies, cable and online TV and radio, personal media devices, Internet, computers; delivered by individuals as well as institutions, often with minimal infrastructure.

Activity: Paperspace.pdf


Tour of Web 2.0 social networking services: Blogging, Flickr, Wikis and MySpace.


Demonstration of setting up a MySpace site


Activity:  Set up your own site worksheetOCPL.txt  Challenge: can you do it following library Internet and Code of Conduct policies? Need a picture- use one of these face drawings.


About policies:


You are doing it! OCPL libraries  incorporating social networking.


Youth and Social Networking: An Eclectic Webliography